Dexecon provides state of the art specialist recruitment solutions. Drawing from our people's wealth of knowledge and experience, we are able to provide superior services and find your candidates sooner and cheaper.

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our clients and the value we add to their business.

We offer you...
Benefits to your business...
  • Recruitment Services
  • Access to specialised IT professionals
  • IT Resources
  • The right people at the right time
  • Labour Broking Services
  • Outsourced Payroll Services
  • Outsourcing
  • Focus on your core business
Is Your Company's Recruiting Strategy Making You Work Harder, Not Smarter?

Want to be more efficient? It starts with candidate sourcing.
While 78 percent of potential hires want to be courted for a job, it is not only about the chase. It is about how you're chasing. That's why it is important to measure your sourcing effectiveness and costs.